About Us
We are so glad you came to Florida Camper Rental to find out more about us and our camper rentals. We are a Christian Family owned and operated full service camper rental business located within 30 miles of the greatest campground on earth. Disney's Fort Wilderness Campground! We are a small family business that has been truly blessed and we look forward to sharing our great outdoor camper rental experience with family's far and near. We love to camp. Disney's Fort Wilderness Campground being our favorite of all and the one we keep going back to. For over a year we camped here at least once a month if not more. It is one of the nicest campgrounds of all. There is Kayaking, fishing on bay lake, awesome view of the Magic Kingdom’s fireworks on the beach with the music piped in, as we like to say. Then there is looping where we ride around all the different loops checking out the cool campsite set ups. And during the holidays the campsite really is a site to see. Then there is the beautiful Florida in it raw, in it's untouched form at the Florida State Parks. We have a few favorite parks that are absolutely breath taking that we love to visit. We look forward to helping you and your family with your RV camper rental needs.
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